Churchyard Wall Appeal


The Friends have agreed to fund repairs to the churchyard wall.  Following repairs to the church itself as part of the Tercentenary Appeal, this is currently the highest priority in terms of preserving the fabric of the church and its immediate surroundings.  The wall is in poor condition and urgent work is now needed to keep it safe.  As you might expect, this is a considerable task with an anticipated budget of £80,000.  As is the case with all maintenance work, the church has no source of external funding and is entirely responsible for generating the funds to carry out essential repairs.  We are hoping to start work on the first phase of repairs within the next year or two.  All of The Friends fundraising efforts are now being directed towards supporting this project.  This means your support of our events is as important as ever.  Please also consider making a donation to this appeal if you are able to do so.

The photographs on this page illustrate the difficulties we face and we hope they will give you a better understanding of the nature of the repairs the church needs to undertake.