Churchyard Wall Appeal


The Friends are pleased to report that the repair work on the churchyard wall is well underway and we attach before and after images of the initial phase.   The before and after photos above speak for themselves and we hope you will share our view that this is a dramatic improvement.  The total cost of repair is expected to be around £80,000, of which £37,000 will be covered by the remainder of the Church’s Tercentenary Appeal Fund, leaving £43,000 for The Friends to raise.  With a balance in The Friends accounts as at 5th April 2018 of £27624, The Friends are allocating £25,000 towards payment of the wall leaving a balance to raise of £18,000.  Bearing in mind over the last two years The Friends have raised an average income of £16,500 PA this should be within reach.  You can see progress as funds are raised on The Friends noticeboard at the back of the Church. Donations are welcomed.

June 2018