Why become a Friend?

✠    You will gain the satisfaction of helping to ensure that the building and churchyard are properly maintained for future generations;
✠    You will be kept informed of the work of ‘The Friends’;
✠    You will receive an invitation to Friends’ events.
✠    You will receive a discount on Friends’ events.

The discount for friends attending our events is typically £5.  This means that your membership subscription will pay for itself if you attend five or more events each year.  You can apply at any of our events and will receive the discounted admission charge at that event.  Please note that the discount code is for personal use and cannot be used to obtain further discounts when purchasing more than one ticket.

How do I become a Friend?

Membership is open to all, individuals and companies, who support the objectives of The Friends.  The annual subscription is £25 per person per annum. You may apply online here if you prefer to pay by credit or debit card or you may download and complete our membership application form and return it to us if you would rather pay by cheque.  Postal applications must include a cheque for the annual subscription and require you to complete a standing order form for renewal.

Please also complete a Gift Aid declaration if you are a UK tax payer to enable us to reclaim basic rate tax paid on your contributions.

Your personal information will be kept secure and will not be made available to other organisations, our privacy notice can be found here.

Existing Friends can amend their contact details here using their username and password.  Please contact if you need to be reminded of your username or require your password to be reset.

Membership Renewal

Renewal of your Friends membership takes place on 6 April each year assuming your standing order payment is received on that date.  Members who joined on line will have their membership renewed automatically on each anniversary of joining unless you ask to cancel your membership.

Your membership will lapse if we do not receive your payment when it is due although we will continue to contact you by e-mail to keep you informed of the work of The Friends until you ask to be unsubscribed from our mailing list.

Discount codes will lapse on 6 April each year and will only be extended when we receive your payment of £25.  Members who joined on line throughout the membership year will have their discount codes extended to the 6 April following the anniversary of their last payment.

Increased Subscription

The membership subscription was increased from a minimum of £10 to £25 per person per year from April 2017.  All members were contacted informing them of this change with instructions on how to change their standing order payment to £25 per person.  Some members did not revise their standing order and paid the old subscription of £10 per person in April 2017 and some paid at the old rate again in April 2018.  Affected members have been contacted about this and given further instructions on how to make up the shortfall of £15 per person.  The top-up payment may be made here.