Latest Fundraising Appeal

The trustees have decided that the focus of our fundraising will now be directed to the restoration of the churchyard wall.  More information about this project can be found here.

Events Programme

Details of our event programme are available on our Events page.

Friends Discount

We offer a £5 discount off each Friends event for members of The Friends when booking online.  Friends are issued with a unique personalised discount code.  We have notified all Friends of their discount codes by email.  Please contact us if you have not received your code, this is likely to be because we do not hold a current email address for you.  We have now removed the restriction of five uses per subscription year and you may buy as many discounted tickets as you like provided they are for your own use.  The discount card scheme which was used by some members who preferred not to purchase online has been discontinued and Friends may obtain the discount either when purchasing online or for cash in person without restriction.

Membership Renewal

The trustees decided in 2016 to increase the annual Friends subscription to £25.  This is the first increase since the Friends was established. However, our policy of offering a £5 discount on each Friends event should significantly reduce the impact of this increase for the majority of active Friends; the annual subscription will effectively be unchanged for those attending three events per year.

In the past, subscriptions could only be paid by standing order once a year on the 6 April.  This method is still available and we have written to all Friends who currently pay using this method asking them to update their standing order.  Another important change we have made is that we have discontinued the ‘Joint Friend’ membership category due to difficulties with the Gift Aid scheme.  Continued membership will therefore only be available as individual members with Joint Friends needing to become Friends in their own right.  We have also introduced online membership applications which allows payment to be made by credit card on an annual recurring basis.

Keeping in Touch with You

We would be very grateful if you could ensure we have an up to date e-mail address for you to save on our postage costs.  We will only use your address to contact you about matters relating to The Friends and will not pass it on to a third party under any circumstances, please see our Privacy Notice.  Presently, we have a small number of members who we can only contact by post.  Some of these are Joint Friends for whom we only have a single email address – our automated process for issuing Friends discount codes will not work in this case.  If you haven’t heard from us by email recently, you are probably one of the missing ones!  Please check your inbox and contact us at if you suspect you may be in this category.